Executive Offices


Ethernautics, Inc. is lead be experienced Information Technologist and Engineers who each have over 30 years of experience across the Information Technology Domain


Office of the President


    Michael W. Meissner is president and CEO of Ethernautics, Inc. Mr. Meissner is an Entrepreneur having started several successful technology companies and other successful businesses including BigFoot Shoe Co, Information Mechanics, Inc., and Mammoth Information Services




Ethernautics Inc provides Information Technology Engineering Services to our "Critical Infrastructure Clientele". Ethernautics was established in 2006 by Michael W. Meissner with 3 decades of Information Technology and professional services experiences.

Our Leadership is organized in line with our practice specialties:


  • Information Technology - Program and Project Management Practice
  • Information Technology - Enterprise Architecture Practice
  • Information Technology Systems, Software Engineering & Integration Practice
  • Cyber Security Engineering Practice
  • Infrastructure Architecture and Engineering Practice
  • Information Technology Construction Management and Engineering Practice
  • Quality Assurance, Test Automation & Configuration Management Practice
  • CyberSecurance



"Since the inception of Information Technology, Technology has been a strategic investment for the enterprise. Deploying Architectures that are extensible and vendor neutral, are flexible and cost effective, provide strategic advantage to the organization.


Architectures should provide a foundation in which an organization leverages information technology to increase Revenue, Reduces Expenses, thereby increasing Profit. Simple math, R - E = P. If the Enterprise Architecture and all its components doesn't support that objective. Our business executives need to be asking the question, of why we are investing at all.


I would add that in the competitive world economy in which we live, the strategic advantages to increasing revenue and reducing expenses lies in Enhancing the Customer Experience. Continuous improvements in this area demand the continued use of emerging technologies, thus the Enteprise Architecture to support them over the business cycle must be well engineered." ~ Michael W. Meissner


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Author: Michael W. Meissner