Our Professional Information Technology System Engineering Software Engineering and Integration Services include:


  • Information Technology Systems, Software Engineering & Integration
  • Cyber Security Engineering
  • Infrastructure Architecture and Engineering
  • Quality Assurance, Test Automation & Configuration Management
  • Cyber Security Engineering




  • Instrument Control Systems (ICS), Plant Control Systems (PCS), and SCADA Systems
  • Software Intensive Systems
  • Business Support Systems (BSS), Billing & Operational Support Systems (OSS)


Emerging Technologies

  • IoT
  • Infotainment Systems

Systems and Software Engineering Ethernautics, Inc. is an accomplished provider of Systems and Infrastructure Engineering Expertise. Systems and Software Engineering Practice is lead by veteran Systems and Solutions Architect Michael W. Meissner with over 30 years of deep and broad IT Engineering experience and skills.


Systems and Software Engineering


Ethernautics is experienced in Systems and Software Engineering and Development and maintains expert engineering skills across all phases of the Systems Development Life Cycle SDLC.


    Ethernautics Engineers are skilled in the crafts of:

  •         Project and Product Management
  •         Requirements Engineering
  •         Systems Engineering
  •         Software Engineering and Software Development
  •         Database Engineering
  •         Quality Assurance, Test and Configuration Management


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